Captain America Team Feels


We welcome back Ness from Can't Talk Media and The Crafting System podcast to talk about Captain America: Civil War. Ness is #TeamCap, Chachi is #TeamIronMan, and Andrew is Team #BlackPanther. We get into the characters, the politics, and many of the messages found in the movie as well as how our own personal experiences play into how we perceive each side of the arguments presented in the movie.

This episode is FULL OF SPOILERS so you have been warned.

Date Night With the Dialogue Wheel Episode 56: Canadian State Secrets


Chachi makes a triumphant return to the podcast wherein we talk about PAX East, Star Wars Day, and a whole lot of other things that were completely unrelated to the podcast topics. I'm sure you figured that out already though. All of our podcasts are like that. Find us on Twitter, @DialogueWheel, @ChachiBobinks @ABakerN7 @Remilbus1138 


Episode 55 Goose Effect


Chachi is down with PAX Plague after PAX East, so we brought on Aaron to talk about some sexist fool that was trashing the hard work that game developers do, then we got totally distracted and it turned into a rando cast.


Episode 54 Two White Dudes With Beards and Glasses


Chachi is away at PAX East 2016, Evan is busy with school so Tyler and I talked about Daredevil Season 2, and I talked about Captain America: Civil War a bit, no spoilers with Civil War but if you haven't watched season 2 of Daredevil, maybe skip this one until you have as it is full of spoilers. Follow us on twitter @DialogueWheel @ChachiBobinks @ABakerN7 @Remilbus1138 and @KllrMannequin


Bobinks The BioWare IVR & Weeks That End In Eek


First Date night in a while since Evan joined us, and it was a Patreon Rando Cast. Only not so random. Once some fun and silliness was out of the way we jumped into the hate surrounding Baldur's Gate: Assault on Dragonspear, and angry internet nerds shit talking Rogue One: A Star Wars Story.

We also made a few mistakes of our own but I hope you all enjoy the podcast regardless.
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Your Story In Art: The Dragon Age Keep Interview with Renata and Justin


We were very fortunate to have Renata and Justin, two key members of the Dragon Age: Keep team come on the podcast and answer our questions about the Keep, it's future, their roles in it's development and a few other things. 

Enjoy the show everyone.

Whole Sale Wheels


We welcome to the podcast Jos Hendricks from BioWare. A seven year employee and Level Designer on Mass Effect 2, 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition, and Mass Effect Andromeda. We talk about the important things like what you would do if you won the lottery, what makes the perfect pizza, what is in the box and a bunch more.

You can follow Jos on twitter at @Sjos where he will tease you about space all the time.

Date Night with the Dialogue Wheel #50: Date Night Turns 50


Date Night turns fifty. Not really but this is our fiftieth episode. Due to some technical difficulties what we recorded won't be heard with this episode, (I'm still working on creative editing so that some of the glorious live tweets that happened can still be heard), instead Chachi and Andrew compiled some of the best clips from Date Nights past for a bit of a nostalgia feel. It's amazing to think that this has been going on almost two years now. Thanks to our Patreons who keep us funded, and our listeners for keeping us going.  Enjoy the show.

"I Am A Shepard" project. Episode 11
"The Serious Cast" Episode 19
"Diversity In Dragon Age Inquisition" Episode 25
"Reunited" Episode 14
"The Fennec Queen" Episode 35
"MARVELous Women" Episode 30
"Years of Pain About Thane" Episode 44
"Dragon Age Elections 2016" Episode 46


Date Night With The Dialogue Wheel #49: 21,381 Hits and a Toddler Takeover


This week is as random a podcast as you can get from Date Night. Patreon Greg joins us to listen in on our monthly rando cast as we talk about almost everything. Tyler gets broken when he learns how many people actually listen to us, a tiny child interrupts the recording, and when we finally answer questions Andrew explains everything.

Enjoy the show.

Mass Effect Andromeda Pathfinder Project: March of the Space Manatees


Our first in what will be a semi regular podcast about Mass Effect: Andromeda, theories, news, and our unique perspective on the Mass Effect franchise. Staring as always Chachi Bobinks, Tyler, Evan and Andrew.


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