About Us

The Dialogue Wheel Podcasts are a collective of geek 'casts that highlight a variety of awesome subjects, but mainly focus on their namesake - BioWare games. All podcasts are produced by Chachi Bobinks and assisted by Andrew Baker. Podcast contributors are as follows:

Date Night with the Dialogue Wheel:
Chachi Bobinks (@ChachiBobinks)
Tyler (@Remilbus1138)
Evan (@KllrMannequin)
& occasionally Andrew (@abakern7)

N7 Radio:
Chachi Bobinks (@ChachiBobinks)
BioFan (@BioFanOfficial)
Kay (@girltriesgames)
Raizer (@raizerofficial)

Chachi Bobinks (@ChachiBobinks)
Andrew (@abakern7)
FD (@fairie_dragon)

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