Episode 67: Rogue Squad One : An Edge Lord Story


We talk about the dumpster fire that Suicide Squad turned into, Jared Leto being way to deep into his role, and then movie on to much more exiting topics like how epic the Rogue One trailer was, our hopes for it to be a continuing trend in better representation, and how we will all be broken at the end of the film since they won't likely survive the mission.


Date Night With the Dialgue Wheel Episode 66: Voltron Legendary Representation


Chachi had the night off but for this Patreon topic podcast we talk about the DreamWorks/Netflix show "Voltron: Legendary Defender" and the excellent representation in it.


Date Night With the Dialgue Wheel Episode 65: PokeGHOstbusters


Tyler is on vacation this week, but Chachi, Rhad, and Andrew talk about Pokemon Go, Ghostbusters, and the harassment of Leslie Jones on Twitter. Also discussed @cypheroftyr's opinion piece on Polygon, and a possible PAX West (formerly Prime) meet up this year!


Date Night With the Dialgue Wheel Episode 64: #TurnTheFrogsGay


To really get the title of the podcast make sure you listen all the way to the end. Also there is this link here if you can't wait. However Rhadamus returns again with Chachi, Tyler and Andrew and we discuss Kiva Bay's Feminist Deck cancellation, Kickstarter in general, and the announcement of a teenage African American girl taking on the role of Iron Man.


Date Night With the Dialogue Wheel Episode 63: Ninten-Don’t


We talk about Nintendo's poor taste in jokes from "Paper Mario" poor response to  why Zelda couldn't be the protagonist in a game named after her, and generally how better representation in games will make companies more flexible with their growing audiences.


Episode 62: Hopes & Dreams & Mass Effect: Andromeda


After two weeks for really heavy topics we switch over to what got The Dialogue Wheel started in the first place, BioWare games. We talk about the EAPlay reveal of Andromeda, and discuss what we hope to see when the new title finally arrives.


Date Night With the Dialogue Wheel Episode 61: Everyone Is People


This week we discuss the events at Pulse Night Club in Orlando, gun control, the need for better sex education, the "othering" of people and how easy it is to strip people of their humanity. This episode won't be for everyone, so make sure it is something you are ready to hear. We won't mind if you skip this week.

Also discussed the mass shooting tracker website, www.massshootingtracker.org, and Michelangelo Signorile's book "It's Not Over"

I Was Fine, Then I Thought About it


CHACHI RETURNS! However with that return comes a sobering message about consent and unwanted contact. We welcome Rhadamus to the discussion and we all share what we know, either through witnessing or experiencing consent issues at conventions, online, and in the meat space.

Also after listening to this episode you may want to go back and listen to when Chachi and Andrew spoke with Amelia from Can't Talk Media about consent in a Geeks Guide To Guardianship Episode One. While much of it is directed to speaking to children about consent it can just as easily be applied to adults. You can find the link here.

Date Night With the Dialogue Wheel Episode 59 Men Talking About Women


A podcast without Chachi is always lacking something. We did our best to make up for it as we discussed X-Men: Apocalypse, Rogue One's reshooting schedule, the possible casting of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel, and something cool the Sims did.


Date Night With the Dialogue Wheel Episode 58 Ladies and Nazis and Cons Oh My!


Since we missed you all last week we have an extended length Date Night for everyone. Andrew and Tyler start off the podcast discussing the sexism and misogyny surrounding the new Ghostbusters movie, also two other fandoms go toxic in Total War, and Captain America. Chachi joins us a little more than midway through and talks about her experience at Yellow City Comic Con, and challenges our listeners to make her in some dubstep.

As always you can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Patreon just by looking for Dialogue Wheel. Enjoy the show.

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