GGtG Episode 3: Sex and Drugs


After a very long hiatus Chachi and Andrew return, this time no guests and talk about how no parent knows what they're doing, the struggles with our own children, setting boundaries, independence, drugs, and sex. If you have any questions or comments tweet at us @ChachiBobinks or @ABakerN7 As always please rate and comment on iTunes or wherever you may listen


Geek’s Guide To Guardianship Episode 1: Can’t Talk About Consent.


Welcome to the first episode of Geek's Guide to Guardianship. A podcast about parenting in a digital and social media age. In our inaugural episode we talk about the importance of consent, the power of yes and no, setting boundaries and having open communication with your children when it comes consent and ways to approach it at an early age.

Chachi and Andrew are joined by Amelia from Can't Talk Media who is a Licensed Professional Counselor with over 10 years of experience in mental health and wellness care. You can find her at and tweeting from @desserthooker

You can find Chachi @chachibobinks Andrew is @ABakerN7 and you can support this podcast at Patreon
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