Episode 74: N7 Day and a Backpack Full of Applesause


Chachi and Tyler are BACK! We return to discuss N7 day which in case you missed it was about the only bit of good news this week. The trailer, the collectors editions, our hopes and dreams, the voice cast we cover it all! Even a VR Fish Simulation! No,we really did. We also discussed Polygon's disgusting attempt to out a cosplayer, and once again how boundaries and concent so frequently get forgotten in the fast moving wheels of the internet. Find us @ChachiBobinks, @ABakerN7@Remilbus1138 and of course @DialogueWheel!


Date Night with the Dialogue Wheel # 44: Years of Pain Over Thane


It is N7 day and we have a very special podcast guest with us, Ness from Can't Talk Media. She joins us to discuss all of her Thane feels with Chachi. Tyler and Andrew have a few other opinions but we all agree that he was worth the pain. Andrew talks about Jack, Tyler talks about Liara, we all talk about Tali, and generally gush about how BioWare crafted such amazing characters for us all to love.

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