Episode 75: Andromadarlings


Chachi Tyler and Andrew are back again! THREE WEEKS IN A ROW EVERYONE! Also it was a Patreon rewards podcast so we were joined by Greg who got to join us live for the recording! We talked Andomeda again, the latest updates about squadmates, Khet, and why Garrus while our best friend, really just falls in line.


Episode 74: N7 Day and a Backpack Full of Applesause


Chachi and Tyler are BACK! We return to discuss N7 day which in case you missed it was about the only bit of good news this week. The trailer, the collectors editions, our hopes and dreams, the voice cast we cover it all! Even a VR Fish Simulation! No,we really did. We also discussed Polygon's disgusting attempt to out a cosplayer, and once again how boundaries and concent so frequently get forgotten in the fast moving wheels of the internet. Find us @ChachiBobinks, @ABakerN7@Remilbus1138 and of course @DialogueWheel!


Jen Hale On A Space Narwal Is My Mom


We always threaten to do it and this week due to technical issues we actually did. We edited Tyler right out of the podcast. However, we still managed to get nearly 50 minutes of Mass Effect: Andromeda, and PAX West!


Episode 62: Hopes & Dreams & Mass Effect: Andromeda


After two weeks for really heavy topics we switch over to what got The Dialogue Wheel started in the first place, BioWare games. We talk about the EAPlay reveal of Andromeda, and discuss what we hope to see when the new title finally arrives.


Mass Effect Andromeda Pathfinder Project: March of the Space Manatees


Our first in what will be a semi regular podcast about Mass Effect: Andromeda, theories, news, and our unique perspective on the Mass Effect franchise. Staring as always Chachi Bobinks, Tyler, Evan and Andrew.