Date Night with the Dialogue Wheel #30: MARVELous Women


Chachi and Tyler answer viewer questions and talk about Marvel's women superheroes with returning special guest Andrew! 


Date Night with the Dialogue Wheel #29: Daredevil’ed


Join Tyler, Evan, and special guest host Andrew Baker as they discuss not only the show Daredevil, but the ethics and social issues addressed within it. The casters also touch lightly on the newest Avenger's movie and the controversy surrounding Joss Whedon. 


Date Night with the Dialogue Wheel #28: Marvel Preview


Just a teaser for what's to come:

Four episodes.
Four topics.
Four co-host-...well, maybe not that part.
Our next four episodes will be dedicated to the study of ethics, diversity, morals, and equality in Marvel-based comics, books, movies, and/or shows. So strap on your super boots, don your masks, and consider the aerodynamics of cape usage---the fun starts next week!

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