Date Night with the Dialogue Wheel #38: Fresh Out of Tokens Podcast


Welcome to Date Night with the Dialogue Wheel episode 38, wherein we kick back with Tanya (@cyperoftyr) and David (@RedConversation) from the Fresh Out of Tokens podcast. 

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Tonight's cast includes Chachi (@ChachiBobinks) & our PA, Andrew (@abakern7).

We totally ship this conversation. 

The Dialogue Wheel theme song is "Please Mind the Dubstep" by Bitbasic. Channel art by Chachi. All other Dragon Age-related information is property of @BioWare.

Date Night with the Dialogue Wheel #37: Polygamer’s Ken Gagne


Tyler, Andrew, and Evan chat up Polygamer's Ken Gagne in this awesome special episode on diversity, amplying others, Life is Strange, and other subjects.

As requested in the show, here are some relevant links:

Date Night with the Dialogue Wheel #36: Less Than or Equal’s Aleen Sims


Join Chachi and Andrew as they talk about Aleen Sims with the Less Than or Equal podcast. The group discuss the show's history, some of Aleen's special guests, causes close to their heart, and...Star Trek?

Aleen can be found on Twitter (@Aleen) and on her website,
Also, for those wanting to find out more about App Camp For Girls, click on this link: