Episode 75: Andromadarlings


Chachi Tyler and Andrew are back again! THREE WEEKS IN A ROW EVERYONE! Also it was a Patreon rewards podcast so we were joined by Greg who got to join us live for the recording! We talked Andomeda again, the latest updates about squadmates, Khet, and why Garrus while our best friend, really just falls in line.


Episode 74: N7 Day and a Backpack Full of Applesause


Chachi and Tyler are BACK! We return to discuss N7 day which in case you missed it was about the only bit of good news this week. The trailer, the collectors editions, our hopes and dreams, the voice cast we cover it all! Even a VR Fish Simulation! No,we really did. We also discussed Polygon's disgusting attempt to out a cosplayer, and once again how boundaries and concent so frequently get forgotten in the fast moving wheels of the internet. Find us @ChachiBobinks, @ABakerN7@Remilbus1138 and of course @DialogueWheel!


Episode 73: Warm Fuzzies For Sir Buttons


Chachi deals with a sick cat so Rhad and Andrew catch up talking about new trailers, the expectations placed probably unfairly on the success or failure of Wonder Woman, and we go deep on #PerformanceMatters and the SAG-AFTRA strike on video game publishers. Related links, Wil Wheaton's take on the strikeWonder Woman trailer, Logan Trailer (Red Band), and xXx Return of Xander Cage, and Hand Shark!


Episode 72: Rogue One and Gaymer X


Rhad returns this week fresh from Gaymer X, he and Andrew discuss the new Rogue One trailer, adventures at Gaymer X and a few of topic yet on topic discussions about being the default. Chachi was buried under Homecoming Mums, and Tyler was lost to college debate circles this week but we managed to muddle through.


Episode 71: Pants Feelings For Aladdin


This week we are rejoined by the always fun Ness to talk about first fictional loves, BioWare, and Extra Life 4 Kids. If you feel so inclined you can donate to either Ness or I, or any of the Can't Talk Media team at this link. Ness will write bad poetry for you, I am having a raffle and a thank you gift for my highest donor, for complete details see my Extra Life page.


GGtG Episode 3: Sex and Drugs


After a very long hiatus Chachi and Andrew return, this time no guests and talk about how no parent knows what they're doing, the struggles with our own children, setting boundaries, independence, drugs, and sex. If you have any questions or comments tweet at us @ChachiBobinks or @ABakerN7 As always please rate and comment on iTunes or wherever you may listen


Jen Hale On A Space Narwal Is My Mom


We always threaten to do it and this week due to technical issues we actually did. We edited Tyler right out of the podcast. However, we still managed to get nearly 50 minutes of Mass Effect: Andromeda, and PAX West!


Rerun: Captain America Team Feels


With Chachi and Rhad at PAX, Andrew just returning from work, and Tyler doing whatever he does when he isn't recording with us, we didn't get to record this week. Instead here is a rerun of an episode back in May when Ness joined us to talk about all of our feels with Captain America: Civil War.

We hope to return next week with an all new episode and a full cast!

Date Night Ep 69 Boundaries, Cheese, Corn, Ice Cream, and Deep Fried Butter


Chachi returns and we discuss events that happened to Rhad earlier in the week and how boundaries are an important part of communication, comfort, and respecting someone's personhood. Also discussed, food can be racist, and language is complicated.


Date Night With The Dialogue Wheel Episode 68: No Man’s GG EZ


While Chachi was feeding the homeless, (really folks she was) Rhad and Andrew discussed toxic gaming culture around Overwatch, what Blizzard did to combat the GG EZ taunt, the No Man's Sky backlash, the EA suggestion of a Mass Effect remaster, and why in a scream and shout internet culture it may not be a bad idea for developers to hold back promotional materials for their own peace of mind.


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